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And landing that first date with your online sweetheart might take a little more social media savvy than you think. If you’ve got a biting sense of humor, show it off.Consider these tips to grabbing the attention of the right guys or gals online. And if you’re an accomplished chainsaw sculptor, post photos of your work. Get you your electric razor here if for some reason you don´t already own one…Greg was returning home from college for the holidays and wanted to double-date the following weekend.Since I had never been on a date, I emphatically tried talking him out of the idea.Therefore, as parents, how can you tell if your son or daughter is ready to date?Our parents struggled with this same question, especially after my (Michael’s) first serious date as a sophomore in high school.As for actual memory capacity, though, participants' memories were slightly better when they hadn't had anything to drink.What you can take away from this: If you have a creative task on your plate, alcohol can help! Don't get really drunk while studying, text someone you shouldn't text, fail your test and blame it on us.

As the weekend rapidly approached, I still hadn’t asked anyone.The first, and perhaps most puzzling thing we need to understand about love, is that Judaism does not treat love as an ideal, a conviction, a principle, a beautiful concept, or an untamed passion. The above verse is one of over 5,000 verses in the Bible; and it is one of the most compelling. 3) Why does the verse say, "…love your neighbor as yourself? This prompts us to do what Jews do best – ask questions. What are these commandments doing together in the same verse?As a college student, you hear a lot of mixed messages. You have a final tomorrow morning, but your hot neighbor is hosting a beer pong tournament.We don't have to tell you there's no worse feeling than rolling into class really hungover with your brain totally fried and your stomach in a dangerously fragile state.

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And to be perfectly honest, hangovers kind of make you dumber.

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