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The International Society of Sports Nutrition just announced it can increase HIIT performance by 10-20 percent. Ketosis is a serious buzzword in fitness and nutrition circles these days.

But is committing to the low-carb, high-fat diet necessary, or can you just approximate it with supplemental ketones? Training hard in the gym can lead to bigger, stronger muscles, but can also leave you feeling wrecked.

Since mature women don’t need to look any older, Ariane explains how to create a fresh and natural look with simple techniques and innovative products. Apply primer to keep your light weight foundation in place.Strength training will bring out definition and get you stronger but will not increase bulk.Creatine is already the most widely studied (and praised) supplement on the market, and for good reason.Even if they lifted heavy weights, it's pretty hard to look like Arnold.Actually, it's pretty hard for most guys to look like Arnold.

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