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Tribal Wars (TW) is a browser-based, real-time strategy, massively multiplayer online game set in the Middle Ages.

The game is set with each player starting off controlling a small village, with the objective being to slowly expand and conquer new villages through the formation of complex armies and a tactical combat system.

View morale from a different player’s point of view (use "Set main" to set the correct player).8 highlight modes to highlight villages by different criteria: "Normal", "Activity", "Points", "Conquer", "Growth", "Attack", "Defend", "Tribeless".

Activity mode tracks the time since the player has last increased in points or defeated an enemy unit while attacking and colours the map accordingly, giving an accurate representation of activity.

Lead Community Manager Timothy explains the brand new system in a video.

Each time a paladin levels up, it earns a skill book.

Skill books are used to advance a paladin through the skill tree.

Depending on the chosen skill book, players can decide if they want to boost their attacks, defenses or economy.

Tribal Wars Map is a tool that helps you greatly speed up your daily routine.

Perfect for farming, exploring, planning and much more.

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