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Something that every good parent knows is that your kids are your priority.

When you’re a single parent, I truly believe that what your kids think of the person that you’re dating means everything.

When single parents openly talk with their kids, they develop trust, understanding, and will have an open heart towards any situation that you might choose to be in, including anyone that you see future potential with. If you talk openly with your kids, they will not only keep an open mind when meeting someone who you’re dating, but they will also know not to let themselves get too attached to the person, and that you just want their opinion (in private, not to embarrass their partner).

And then get out there again and expand your social network.” “Put it out there that you have kids early. But it’s important that when you’re on your date, you don’t just talk about them.

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I wrote this article to express the other point of view… I believe that single parents should introduce their kids to the person that they feel they “could have” future potential with.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that that should happen too early when dating, but once you get into an Kids naturally have good instincts and if you have an open book, honest relationship with your children, they will either like a person or not.

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