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It had jurisdiction over a region including a large area of open space and several villages.

One of those, the village of Chatham, dating from 1710, was the source for its name, Chatham Township.

On August 19, 1892, the citizens of Chatham reincorporated with another type of village government offered as an alternative within townships by New Jersey.

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Currently surrounded by a town park, with a pavilion for picnics, a gazebo for seating and a reconstructed tobacco barn for viewing, the Pittsylvania Historical Society restored this L-shaped brick building with a Virginia Department of Historic Resources grant.

To remotely access online databases, you will need the 10 digit barcode on your library card.

Also it is a building used for historical depictions that the Society maintains for its meeting and public edification.

Laid in Flemish bond with dogtooth corbels for cornices with four rows of unmolded brick set at a 45-degree angle, this red brick building looks similar to Virginia's early government structures all the way across the state to the Tidewater section.

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There are numerous references to this village as "Chatham, New Jersey" dating from that time.

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