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If you know someone like that who needs validation, then this could be a good read for them. I am only about half way through the book because of my crazy work schedule, but I love it.

Get a lot of comments about the title while I am at lunch or on the bus reading it, but it makes it that much funnier to read, knowing that people are looking at the cover and saying to their selves, "What is she reading?

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I’m Mark Olsen, and welcome to another edition of your regular field guide to a world of Only Good Movies.

I guess it would be useful for young women who have no concept of self-worth.So we thought it’d be cool to compile a Lesbian Dating 101 for you, comprised of all the fantastic how-to guides we’ve published over the last many moons.We’ve also published a lot of relationship advice on how to be gay and a lot of topical personal essays and reports from the field — about lesbian tinder, being bi on OK Cupid, dating while sober, dating on the autism spectrum, what you learn from moving in with your girlfriend, among so many others— but this post is all about the how-tos.Welcome to Indie, the online dating website for people in the UK who aren't the mainstream.If you love indie music, independent films, or simply have an alternative lifestyle, then this is the site for you!

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