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I applied these concepts to how I approached our professional learning experiences. I asked teachers who were interested in leadership roles and had a heart for learning to create a professional learning team.

These radical Jews committed acts of terrorism in the name of their religion.

Get a shot of pop culture Botox with How To Be Less Old (formerly OMFG). ), Casey Wilson (Bitch Sesh) and and dancer/social media influencer Jordyn Jones, share their expertise on the latest fashions, phrases and trends that their opting into / out of.

Emily Foster & Deanna Cheng are reaching out to the youth of America in an attempt to stay young and hip. We're doing this for us but we're also doing this for you, because let’s face it: you want to be less old too.

He has more than 20 years of experience as an educator and administrator at the middle school level.

As a principal I used to be frustrated by how indifferent many of my teachers acted toward professional development activities. The problem was that professional development in our building was all about me and what I thought was important to our students and staff.

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In 2014, Madilyn was seen as herself in the news documentary show Inside Edition.

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  2. They started off feeling attracted to him, then when they acted ‘moody’ he saw it as a sign that he need to fill an emotional need in them. When they acted ‘moody’ with him he just walked away, he thought that if a woman doesn’t want to be with you, that was that.