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Last year, Pratt was dismissed on Valentine's Day after an alleged incident with another student.

He was fired for violating the university's amorous- ASU's policy required him to disclose the relationship and immediately remove himself from a position of academic authority over the student.

Pratt and his attorney, Melissa Iyer Julian, declined to comment.

ASU gave Pratt a written admonishment in 2012 after the allegations by Kunzi, records show.

He kept telephoning and texting her, according to the suit.

He told colleagues in the School of Criminology and Arizona Board of Regents and another party.

But she called the revision a well-intentioned step in the right direction."It is important for us all to feel safe here," she said.

The Phoenix social worker is looking to date someone more sophisticated, so he'll be one of more than 65 people expected to attend the Valley's first matchmaking event for younger men and older women today at Millennium Resort at Mc Cormick Ranch in Scottsdale.Arizona State University faculty voted Monday to revise a policy on dating between faculty and students, which might avoid more situations like Tasha Kunzi says she found herself in with a grad-school professor in 2010.Kunzi's course work suffered after she ended a "personal relationship" with the professor, she claimed in a lawsuit filed in federal court.Pratt denied having an amorous relationship with the unnamed student, according to university documents.Kunzi's federal lawsuit was settled out of court with Pratt, Her allegations are among a series involving faculty-student relationships in recent years at ASU, including two recent alleged incidents at Barrett, the Honors College.

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