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Cultures and Generations Clash Instead of international intrigue, the tapes captured a sometimes chilling, sometimes heartbreaking family drama involving clashes of cultures -- Mr. The tape was a mixture of the three languages spoken in the household -- Arabic, Portuguese and English -- and was translated for the jury. The parents also maintained that their daughter may have been using drugs or alcohol, and that she had defied them by dating a young man they disapproved of. Abraham expressed her dismay at what she saw as the jury's failure to acknowledge the Palestinian culture. Recalling how the tape affected him, Charles Heuvelman said the parents had no right to kill their child "just because she wants to be an American teen-ager." Photos: A jury in St.

Isa was born in Palestine and his wife in Brazil -- and the parents' attempts to control their daughter who, it seems, wanted to be an American teen-ager. Testimony indicated that Tina Isa clashed with her older sisters as well as her parents over her boyfriend and her night job at a fast-food restaurant. Tina screams, and Maria says: "Are you going to listen? Louis convicted Zein Isa, left, and his wife, Maria, in the stabbing death of their daughter Tina in 1989.

The girl's screams and moans as she begged her parents not to kill her were captured by devices secretly planted in the apartment by Federal agents who were looking into possible illegal activities by Mr. They included a number of phone conversations with Zein Isa and several other daughters in which he seems to discuss various methods of getting rid of Tina, including accusing her of attacking him with a knife. " in answer to his daughter's cries, chilled the jury of seven women and five men and shocked court officials who thought they had seen and heard everything. Isa, 61, a naturalized American citizen, and his wife, 48. 6, 1989, tells a story not of murder but of a struggle in which Mr. But prosecutors said they found only one police report. She said the Isas had to discipline their daughter or lose respect.

Isa on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization. "It's worse than any movie, any film, anything I thought that I would ever hear in my life," said Bob Craddick, an assistant prosecutor for seven years, who has heard the tape seven or eight times. The only alternative to the death sentence is life in prison without parole. Isa killed the girl in self-defense after she threatened them and demanded money. After the verdicts were read, an agitated family friend who would give her name only as Mrs. "They'd be embarrassed in front of everybody in the country like somebody when they go without their clothes outside." But the third alternate juror had a different view.

The term “pretty as a picture” describes Arab girls perfectly.

Get to know the girls from this culture and you start to realize why they make amazing friends and devoted, loving sweethearts.

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taped were the screams of a teen-age girl being stabbed to death. As the findings were announced Friday, the parents looked straight ahead.

Hostility to intimate relationships developing across Israel’s ethnic divide is shared by many Israeli Jews, who regard such behavior as a threat to the state’s Jewishness.

One of the few polls on the subject, in 2007, found that more than half of Israeli Jews believed intermarriage should be equated with “national treason.” Since the state’s founding in 1948, analysts have noted, a series of legal and administrative measures have been taken by Israel to limit the possibilities of close links developing between Jewish and Arab citizens, the latter comprising a fifth of the population.

You may have your heart set on befriending girls from Arab countries and want to enjoy the warmth of their company.

You could be wondering how you could get around to meeting them.

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However, one that seems to strike everyone, even baffle them is the fact that Arab women will date outside of their race. For many Arab women the choice to date non-Arabs comes from a variety of reasons, mainly the fact that they’re attracted to that person on a physical, emotional and mental level.

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