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When required, he will engage in battle with strength, cunning and earthquaking fury.

This darker, more brutish side of Onslaught might lead some Decepticons into thinking he has a secret blood-lust stashed away in his circuits.

After his conversion to Power Core Combination technology, he took the code name Combatmaster.

Hans-Rainer Müller (German, Fiva Faces of Darkness, Part 1 - 3), Walter von Hauff (German, Surprise Party), Thomas Rau (German, Starscreams Ghost), Bernd Simon (German, The Rebirth, Part 3), Gerd Rigauer (German, Generation 2 Dub), Hélio Ribeiro (Portuguese) Onslaught was one of the five renegade Decepticons liberated by Starscream in the Air Commander's latest attempt to unseat Megatron.

He is blind to all but his lust for power; his whims and desires can be sacrificed in a moment's rage. Though he is not beyond the capacity for long-term goals, it is his unpredictability and his casual disregard for any and all life that strike such horror in friend and foe alike.

As an element of their imprisonment, they had been reduced to mere personality components, so Starscream installed them into abandoned World War II military vehicles.

The transplant caused the vehicles to immediately reconfigure themselves: Onslaught in particular went from being a half-track troop carrier to being a flatbed missile-truck, before turning into a robot.

I'd like to be able to use the "Zoomed Clock" feature, as well as uploading wav files to use for alerting. Was able to get in touch with Jason Hoffman who owns Hoffman Radio Network & is a Unication dealer.

Any help you guys could give would be very much appreciated. With my G1 being one of the early editions we'll have to try the different FW updates that have came out over the years.

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So you've decided to upgrade to Windows 10, which is a good thing, because it's free.

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