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But that was almost a decade ago, and he and Rock have since buried the hatchet.

And I think having Cena around as a part-time special attraction will help him mean more for business, to say nothing of how making him more special makes beating him more meaningful.

While he is by no means an old man, he’s worked harder than just about anyone WWE has ever put in a main event position (hell, just check out The John Cena Experience on the WWE Network to see how packed that guy’s daily schedule was while on top).

On the one hand, I imagine a lot of people will call him hypocritical for leaving WWE after he blasted The Rock for doing the same thing.

To answer the question, Becky Lynch has a boyfriend and his name is Luke Sanders.

The following day, Sanders asked Lynch when the show was taking place since he sometimes travels there.

Elsewhere at the event, emanating from San Antonio, Texas, the self-styled Queen of Pay Per View Charlotte defends against Bayley with the former’s star power only increasing with each passing week.

However, the Smackdown women’s effort is unfortunately relegated to a six-person tag team affair with Becky Lynch, Naomi and Nikki Bella taking on champion Alexa Bliss, Mickie James and Natalya.

He’s currently on hiatus filming the second season of FOX’s American Grit, and he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live this coming Saturday.

Currently, Meltzer speculates Cena could wrestle six months or less in 2017, judging by his response over the weekend to a fan who asked if he thought Cena would wrestle more or less than six months this coming year: Naturally, after going full throttle for over a decade, Cena was destined to slow down a bit, especially considering he’s getting older.

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