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That is, of course, until he publicly admitted his secret marriage, which immediately led to his removal from ministry. Lee, who is now writing a tell-all book about priestly celibacy, says he wanted to call attention to just how many priests aren't following that vow in hopes that the church will make a change to the requirement.

"That's one of the reasons that's motivated me to make public my admission that I'm one of those people who's been a pretender: To draw to the attention of the public that there are more like me, in fact most of them," he told an Australian TV news station.

Of course such a sensational story is going to gain traction in the media, but Lee's claim that "most" priests are not following their vow of celibacy seems highly suspect.

We know some priests broke that vow by sexually abusing minors.

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The real problem comes when your lies lead you to live a secret life.

Secrets & the Double Life: Deceit and human beings go together. You tell people you're on a diet, when you're still delving into the chocolate ice cream tub in the freezer.

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