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Anyway, the next level up from AFC is to realize that you have to crumble those barriers, so you work on them, but you're still leery about causing any anxiety, and still a bit nervous about challenging the barriers.

Kinesthetics (Kino) Noun - the ability to feel sensation or movements of limbs and muscles.

Now you’ve introduced kino touching and she knows you’re not just another guy, you want to push even more by throwing in some touches that are designed to show her that you’re interested in some way. Ok, things are really heating up now and we are heading for the kiss close. The next type of kino touching is something called tender touching, which shows her that she’s your woman.

One of the big game-changers in my game when I was learning and practicing all of this stuff was learning and later memorizing the Di Carlo Escalation Ladder.

I mean men seriously don’t know how to touch women, without coming across as creepy and weird.

But once you understand how to touch a woman, you will be able to spark attraction, build ridiculous levels of sexual tension and basically have her ready to come back to your place.

I take nothing away from Di Carlo and his very cool technique, but I consider it something you implement only as a complete beginner.

How many of your guys only land up saying just a “Hi” to women, even your female friends and acquaintances.Unlike bar-lowered shite-content-pushers like Tarantino. Joints, flicks, and movies appeal to a wide range, while Kino is for people with a true passion and understanding of filmmaking.Kino escalation seems to be a HUGE sticking point for guys. Kino is above all the other categories (Joints, Flicks, Movies, Film, and Cinema). Plebeians aren't ready for kino, as they would have trouble picking up on the subtle sociological themes & masterfully-executed yet intentionally-mistransmitted messages that always seem to fly right over lesser minds undetected.These motion pictures are eternally poignant, forever relevant, steeped in an understanding of the world and exuding it unto others like a blessing from heaven, made from important thinkers, visionaries.

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  1. Chatting is a great way to stay in touch and keep up to date with friends. This is the place to learn about making SMART decisions when you're chatting online. Think about how you want to spend your time- seeing emails from your friends or wasting your time with unwanted messages.

  2. Having been blessed with an amazing mom myself, I can think of three things my mom offered me from an early age that I think set the foundation for our beautiful relationship: giving love, spending time, and showing support and respect for what mattered to me.

  3. Safety advice Dating is fun but to ensure you do it in the safest way possible we have put together some golden rules to help you get the most out of your online dating journey.