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2–26 Chiu, Ling-Yeong CHINESE MARITIME EXPANSION, 1368–1644, pp.


Surely such a transformative time on Earth must not be named the Anthropocene!

With all the unfaithful offspring of the sky gods, with my littermates who find a rich wallow in multispecies muddles, I want to make a critical and joyful fuss about these matters.

The collection of rare books from the Song and Yuan period in the library was also published in 2014.

Starr East Asian Library's Chinese collection can be traced to the deposit in 1896 of the private library of John Fryer (傅兰雅), the University’s first holder of the Agassiz Chair of Oriental Languages and Literature. Williams, the size and scope of the collection has expanded over the years. 14–19 Mendel, Douglas H., Jr JAPAN’S NEW ROLE IN ASIA, pp. THE JAPANESE ECONOMY ON THE EVE OF MODERNIZATION, pp. Biological sciences have been especially potent in fermenting notions about all the mortal inhabitants of the Earth since the imperializing eighteenth century.— the Human as species, the Anthropos as the human species, Modern Man — was a chief product of these knowledge practices.

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Scarce early edition and we were unable to find a collation, though pagination is consistent and appears complete.

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