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The former decouples religion from governmental institutions whilst the latter seeks to protect the rights of all citizens to freely practice their creed.

In many instances, these two concepts can happily coexist. To demand that some or all of the food offerings conform to your religious beliefs is unacceptable.

To argue otherwise is to violate the meaning of secularism. Many people have emigrated to the West (my family included) in order to be free of religious persecution.

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As the duty was generally summarized by the court, Muslims must pray five times daily, with each prayer typically taking five to ten minutes.

On Fridays, Muslims: or at least male Muslims: are expected to perform a midday prayer communally, which is accompanied by a sermon.

Can I ask an employer to make some changes to allow me to do my job if I have a disability or because of my religious belief?

In addition, the act requires an employer to reasonably accommodate the religious practices of an employee or prospective employee unless the employer can demonstrate such accommodation would result in undue hardship on the conduct of its business.

Further, employers have asked inappropriate questions concerning the applicant's religion.

The good news is that religious accommodation is not as burdensome under the Civil Rights Acts as accommodation under other laws, such as the ADA.

The reflex of many well-meaning people is to argue that it is important to be "tolerant" and "accommodating." Secular societies establish tolerance by being equally non-accommodating toward all religious demands within the public sphere.

What you believe in the privacy of your thoughts, and what you do in the privacy of your home or house of worship is your business.

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