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Our old system Voipay is no longer available, however we have just launched a new pre-paid wallet system called "Live Chat Wallet".

It will now only cost you 33p per minute to chat to our girls, that's nearly half the price of voipay!

Premium-rate telephone numbers are telephone numbers for telephone calls during which certain services are provided, and for which prices higher than normal are charged.

Unlike a normal call, part of the call charge is paid to the service provider, thus enabling businesses to be funded via the calls.

While the billing is different, calls are usually routed the same way they are for a toll-free telephone number, being anywhere despite the area code used.

Do you want a discreet service where you are able to buy your call time with your credit card? This is the best discreet site around with the sexiest girls just gagging to speak to you right now...Diplomatic services, such as the US Embassy in London or the UK Embassy in Washington, have also charged premium rates for calls from the general public.In many European countries, for example France, Germany and the United Kingdom, it was common for organisations to operate customer service lines on premium-rate numbers using prefixes that fall outside the scope of the country's premium-rate number regulations.Last week, GMB member Irene Everett won the first ever unfair dismissal case for a sex worker, against Essex-based Datapro Service Limited.She had worked on their live adult chat lines for eight years.

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