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“Early in a relationship, it’s that one thing that’s right in front of you that may be a sign of something deeper.” Everyone can have a bad day, so don’t rush to judgment, Marshall says.“But you have to trust yourself to ask questions about things that make you feel uncomfortable.” “In the first blush of romance, people overlook a lot of stuff because they’re so excited,” says clinical psychologist Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed D.

But don’t use a long list of deal-breakers as an excuse to keep people away.

The most important and top-rated deal breaker was about open relationships, with 79 per cent wanting to date someone who is happy with one partner.

Others expressed concerns about employment, with 75 per cent of singles wanting to date someone employed full time, and cheating, with 91 per cent hoping to be with someone who has never cheated before.

But the first time you visit each other’s home can reveal some major surprises: an accent wall in a hideous color, a sofa overflowing with tacky throw pillows, or some truly terrible artwork.

Or maybe it’s the strange smell, your date’s parents waiting in the wings, or the pet mouse running on its wheel that makes you want to flee. We asked over 2,000 people to ’fess up about the biggest dating deal breakers in the home.

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  1. And that’s what happened to me because at PM I really truly believed that the kids would only be playing with their cousins for another ten minutes, just like they promised, and that they would come downstairs obediently all on their own.