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If you would like to hear about us in the rain perhaps there is a another site for this?

Rob Hello Alan, I fully agree, and understand, everything you have said, for I too was in eactly the same situation, so wanting one of those soft smooth filmy grey Pakamacs, and like yourself, there were many around at that time.

Compression testing determines the amount of static pressure a steel/composite toe cap can withstand. Water can try to flow past this obstacle, but there's a 100% guarantee it won't.

Our boots are I75/C75 Footwear is built with nail-free construction using protective toe caps to help insulate you from the ground retard conduction, but is not intended to be primary protection against electric shock. Our electrical hazard boots meets and exceeds ASTM F2413-05 electrical hazard standards. The Georgia Waterproof system comes equipped with a heavily fortified defense against water, because dry feet are happy feet.

It may be tempting fate to say it, but for many years now the weather has been very good.

Some material within this web site shows activities which can be potentially dangerous.Do you want to be able to watch lots of really naughty plastic, PVC and rubber loving babes.Getting down and dirty with each other while dressed in the most kinky shiny plastic and rubber outfits.Alan What is it about a plastic mackintosh, like alan i was first drawn to plastic macs at about 11. Hi Rob yes I do enjoy your comments and sure many others do as well it will be a rail shame if you stop other people leave comments that are not to your taste just read the ones that are really hope that you and Beth continue to comment it makes the site great Hi G yes we think we have experienced our share of rainy days and it is nice that you enjoy hearing about them.But I also understand that it is perhaps not interesting for everyone and i really understand this. Rob Hello Rob yes I would love to hear about your experiences in the rain I respect your views about this site I can't off hand think of another site feel free to contact me hope I don't lose your fantastic comments really enjoy reading them G Hi G we just found it by luck it was quite small so I don't think it would have a website or anything like that.

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