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Kylie, are now getting ready for their weekly pampering session at their favorite hair salon in town - yours. Join this ring fighter in getting the 'Ronda Rousey' game for girls started and using your skills help prepare for the upcoming big match.

The founder of Clarifai, Matthew Zeiler, who lives in New York, presented the celebrity lookalike technology at the Em Tech Digital conference in San Francisco this week.Also, NEVER tell a man that a guy from your past was hotter or that you had a better connection with your ex.Meryl Streep knows a thing or two about long-term success, and her marriage is no exception.Rachel the celebrity tailor is participating in a wedding dresses contest.She must design three types of wedding dresses and present them to the judges at the end of the day. Is that her personal fashion adviser quit her job and that she's looking to hire a new one?

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Angelina Jolie is preparing for a romantic date with her husband Brad Pitt.

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