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Wherever we are in the world, we prefer to use smaller locally-owned businesses, ensuring that local communities gain a direct economic benefit from our business, for example, we use small locally owned hotels, campsites and activity providers wherever possible.

We use local guides and operators throughout the trip; for example, in Medellin, we use a responsible local operator that provides training and employment to many local people as guides, providing them with stable employment in the tourism industry.

The showers, bathrooms and kitchen are always clean.

Not long after, we moved to our new and technology equipped location, gym with tempered swimming pool and rooms for arts, music, ballet, martial arts and our own kitchen and lunchroom, which contribute to become one of the most important schools in the country due to the extraordinary academic level of our students.

In search of offering academic education of quality, our school became a member of the International Baccalaureate Organization from Geneva, in April 24, 1989.

We are dedicated to minimising the effects our trips have on the environment, and are committed to ensuring that we have a positive impact on the local communities we travel through.

On this epic trip through Colombia and Ecuador, we will be travelling overland using a combination of overland vehicles and boats, thus cutting out the need for air travel and reducing carbon-emissions.

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