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“We take a zero-tolerance approach to any abuse of the rights and personal integrity of all refugees and migrants as well as to any misuse of funds.” The investigation is just the latest controversy around Europe’s on-going migrant crisis.

In February, a number of privately run migrant rescue vessels ferrying refugees and migrants between Libya and Sicily caught the attention of authorities in Italy who suspected that some of the fleet’s funding may have come from smugglers.

“We continue to promptly brief Greek authorities, including the Supreme Court Prosecutor, as the investigation proceeds and appreciate their assistance with this issue.” Meanwhile the European Union, which also is investigating the allegations, said last month it suspended a final payment to the group on a single grant in Greece.

The EU said that besides the sexual abuse allegations, its anti-fraud office is investigating possible financial corruption by the two Mercy Corps members.

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Greek and European Union authorities are investigating two members of a U. charity linked to left-wing billionaire George Soros after allegations that the pair sexually abused refugees at an asylum center.

Also under investigation is possible financial corruption by the two members.

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