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By Apraham Niziblian As an Agoump rat, I grew up in a very Armenian and traditional household and community here in Montreal, attending Sourp Hagop Day School, participating in the AYF as a local and Central Committee executive, and later joining the ARF ranks—as the Karabagh movement was at its most critical moments.All this was done, however, while I hid an important part of my identity. They made me realize that the ARF, the ANCA, and Armenian society at large (in the diaspora and in Armenia) need every single last Armenian—and supporter—to advance our cause.(born July 30, 1941) is a Canadian-American singer, songwriter, and actor.

Face the music (as I thought I would have to) or leave the high-profile position in the ANCA in Washington (basically, run and hide from the community).

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I constantly feared how the community would deal with me as an Out AYF-er or ARF-er. (Photo by Aaron Spagnolo) Of course, as a teenager, I realized that I was different.

When most of my childhood friends spoke of their sexual desires, I could not understand why mine were different.

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