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It was full of emo punk rock and that’s all I listened to in high school, like Dashboard Confessional, Jack’s Mannequin and Fall Out Boy. Every episode was named after a song title, which I loved. ” After this, I just wished I’d meet a cool band guy (Adam Lazzara, William Tell) that wanted to travel to my hometown and make out with me in a limo. Most of the big music moments I loved involved Peyton.On the other hand, it introduced me to new musicians that I love. From TRIC to performances at Karen’s Café to Peyton (her records, her lifestyle, her benefit concerts, Red Bedroom Records) to characters in the show having musical talents out of nowhere. Bryan Greenberg, Tyler Hilton, Bethany Joy Lenz, Kate Voegele and Jana Kramer all performed as characters on the show. The Ravens win the championship and Lucas tells Peyton that she’s the one he wants next to him when all of his dreams come true.Now being two seasons in, the show has covered a lot of important issues and managed to grab my attention.My obsession with 90s and early 2000’s fashion (low rise jeans, velvet tank tops, small handbags) had a lot to do with my enjoying.

The season concluded on May 3, 2006, after 22 episodes.For years, fans watched their friendship go through its ups and downs – but in the end, these two always had each other’s back (except for when Peyton hooked up with Lucas while he was dating Brooke – but *spoiler alert* it all turned out A-OKAY).Years later, since the show ended, the cast still remains close friends and keep in touch – doing reunion tours and just hanging out casually. 1st tweet HAS to be to thank this golden woman – for being my defender against imposters and my voice for years. Anna’s speech was especially memorable and highlighted the struggle girls have to go through.“There is a double standard for girls and there always will be.

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