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This is the basic premise: So what did people use before?

His fellow monks testify to his character, as one put it, "I can with truth declare that I never saw with my eyes or heard with my ears anyone return thanks so unceasingly to the living God." Bede, for his part, only qualified his reputation as a hard working scholar: "I really don't work 'night and day,' but it is quite true that I do toil hard to reach a right judgment on all that I read." Bede was a renaissance scholar: He wrote on grammar, mathematics, poetry, church music, rhetoric, and science, both for a general audience and for his own pupils. 731, and without it, we would know little of the early centuries of Christianity in Britain, especially the history of Celtic Christianity, early missions to the Continent, and the definitive Synod of Whitby (during which the Celtic church submitted itself to Rome).

This dating system is also the most widely used system outside of the scientific community.

The BCE/CE system requires no conversions and no re-dating of historical events; only the renaming of BC to BCE and AD to CE is needed.

in the essay, i argue: Thus, it is time for Christians to let go of the inaccurate, and to many, offensive BC and AD calendar labels and adopt the BCE/CE system.

If using BC and AD to designate calendrical dates is the central identifier of a person as a Christian, then that person has bigger problems than an insistence upon a calendar.

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