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(Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post) Polyamory: No, it’s not cheating. Or even having a few “side pieces.” Polyamory, a practice of maintaining multiple close relationships as an alternative to monogamy, draws adults of all ages, and online dating has made it easier for the polyamorous and poly-curious to find one another.

Late last year, the online dating site Ok Cupid added a function so that polyamorous couples could search for new partners together.

But we have 40 years of positive poly experiences and horrendous poly mistakes between us.

We teach and speak globally on polyamory, relationship communication and BDSM.

) for those polyamory Australia folks outside of the main cities.

Clockwise, from top left: Rachel Ruvinsky, 22; Sam Brehm, 21; Bennett Marschner, 26; and Hannah Schott, 22.

The group of friends carry on multiple relationships simultaneously.

In fact, until we met and instantaneously bonded over the barren wastelands of our dating histories, we’d both felt alone, exhausted, and, well, a little bitter over being excluded from all the partner privileges our culture bestows on those with a “plus one.”And at some point, it becomes impossible not to wonder if attempting to date is simply a waste of time.

.” hot.”These sunny pep talks may be well-intentioned and designed to make us feel better, but with time they’ve grown repetitive and strained — mostly serving to remind us of the way our perpetually single status is viewed by absolutely everyone around us.

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