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If that's the type of person you want to be, and want to be with, then yay for you. One because David Deangelo is taking advantage of vulnerable guys with no self esteem.

Second, because I am sick to death of being hit on by guys using these kind of stupid techniques.

One is "benign": the man has to be a challenge in the sense that he is not too available.

Another, which is negative, is the man is so "damaged" that he presents a challenge in another, less benign way: the woman wants to "fix" him. Laura the other day, although I usually cannot stand her.

Whenever this used to happen to me, I would take it as a signal that she wasn't interested, and I'd just walk away. I've learned from experience that in many cases a woman just needs a few minutes to "warm up" to the idea of talking to someone that she doesn't know.

In my experience, they do this for all kinds of various reasons, from being nervous and insecure themselves all the way to testing a man to see if he is REALLY interested.

Of course, they also do these things when they're actually NOT INTERESTED, but when they're not interested it's often done in a different way.

By: David De Angelo, Author of "Double Your Dating" 01/02/2009 Dating Tips Home / Online Dating Home / Opposite Sex Channel You’ve heard it before – women love a confident guy.

Problem is, most of us guys could use a “boost” in the confidence department.

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Some dimwit woman called in and said she had been dating guy A, who was nice, and was now dating A's friend, B, and she did not know what to do.

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