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Yes, Doris might have been just 16, but she was already far from naive when it came to men.

She was made aware of the harsh realities of sexual relationships early.

She made movie after movie, while he negotiated higher and higher fees for her, which everybody suspected he was siphoning away for himself.

With over 20 years dancing experience and several championship titles under her belt, Emmy nominated professional dancer Cheryl Burke, has tangoed and sambaed her way into the hearts of millions through the hit ABC television show Dancing with the Stars and recently became the show’s first professional dancer to appear in the finals seven times and the semi-finals ten times, becoming champion twice with Emmitt Smith in Season 3 and Drew Lachey in Season 2.

Doris would hear them having sex in the room next to hers, and cry herself to sleep.

After learning what was happening, Alma threw him out and they were divorced. She would spend the rest of her life yearning for an unattainable family idyll. 'Not to be a dancer or Hollywood movie star, but to be a housewife in a good marriage.' Sadly for Doris, though she was to be a wife four times, she would never have a good marriage - largely on account of her own bad choices in men.

I was promised this guy would be perfect for me -- an Ivy League graduate, tall, funny, ambitious and into sports.For instance if you want to hear a female voice during a major Big 4 sporting event (MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL) your best chance is a quick flash to the “sideline reporter” — a position broadcasters have been happy to surrender to women like Erin Andrews, Jamie Erdahl, and Pam Oliver while reserving the jobs of calling in-game action mostly for an all-male fraternity.But the NBA, which in many ways has led the other major sports in innovations, has the excellent Doris Burke doing color analysis for the NBA playoffs on ABC.Sideline reporting, reading highlights at an anchor desk, co-hosting a studio show -- people have come to expect and accept seeing women do these jobs.But it's still a rarity to see a woman host a sports-talk radio show or do play-by-play or color commentary for a men's pro game.

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And it’s refreshing to hear her astute analysis, which grabs viewers’ attention not just because of her expertise and infectious enthusiasm for the game, but also because she’s different.

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