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While it may seem like a recent therapy, it's important to understand that DBS has a long track record of safety and efficacy.

We want you to feel as confident about your condition and procedure as we are.

The disruption in dopamine levels results in the physical symptoms of the disease.

Good candidates include patients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for at least four years, and have had motor complications of medical therapy (i.e., motor fluctuations, dyskinesias, refractory tremor) for at least four months.

Unlike language, which shows a great deal of plasticity after strokes and other injuries, episodic memory Is it possible to improve memory by directly stimulating specific regions in the medial temporal lobes (MTL), even in damaged or diseased brains?

Have you ever left dinner with a friend, co-worker or family member feeling completely mentally exhausted?

If you have, chances are this person is the type who always has some kind of crisis going on and constantly complains.

Itzhak Fried, PI) and University of Pennsylvania (Dr. DAPRA's contributions to the White House BRAIN Initiative are known for their ambitious overreach. In rodents, electrical stimulation of the perforant pathway, which originates in the entorhinal cortex and projects into the hippocampus, results in long-term potentiation, release of acetylcholine, and resetting of the theta phase, all of which are associated with improved memory.

Proposers should develop a computational model of human neural and behavioral function underlying declarative memories that can be explicitly recalled. It has also been shown that electrical stimulation can enhance neurogenesis in the hippocampus.

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