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I have seen several different builds of the Sears 5XL amp on e Bay and elsewhere on the web. But the original manufacturer of the Sears 5XL is hard to nail down.

But remember : mouse over image will give you info or model number Please use the contact form to message me if you have any info to share about Harmony amps ! Since t Summary: Five watts of hand-wired boutique tube heaven for a fraction of the cost. This particular sample appears to have been built in December of 1968, so it’s possible that it could be a Danelectro original. Up until 1968 or so, the Silvertone line of electric guitar amps were built for Sears by the Danelectro company of Neptune, New Jersey. It was a gift from my Nannie Campbell - the first of numerous guitars she would help me acquire. These sites see quite a few Harmony guitars, find your model and see how it is selling! Also, this site contains a fairly good listing of values. ebay, guitarauction, vegastoday, amazon, auctionbuy, auction addict, up4sale, etc.

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A parcel from Simpson-Sears mail order had just been delivered -- my first electric guitar . Many parts are readily available at local music stores, unfortunately, many salesmen and/or guitar techs do not respect Harmony instruments, and often will not want to put themselves out by looking in the back room or sifting through their suppliers' catalogues to come up with the part.

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