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The temperatures started dropping – from the high 50s to low 40s – with light, and then toad-strangling, rain. My legs jumped and moved all on their own, just trying to keep some body heat. I had to stop at a gas station, change in the bathroom and wipe down with paper towels. If you see strained expressions or grimaces, she’s done.Now that I know more about turkey hunting, I would never do that to a new hunter.” - The Solution: Remember these words: “This is fun.” If it ain’t, call it a day. Or, she might say something like, “Sure would be nice to take a bath.” “There have been times while hunting alongside men that I have heard the words, ‘You stay in the blind; we will put out the decoys ... ’ I once made the shot on a bird, but the guy next to me screamed, ‘How did you like my shot?Whether you’re an archer, bowhunter, or bowfisher, Tribe Archery’s HALO has got you covered.What I discovered was a book that is an absolute must for every bowhunter's bookcase and one that I absolutely could not put down!Spotlighting the Good, the Great, and even the Worst bowhunters that ever lived.A candid, and brutally honest piece that will make you laugh, make you angry, and even scare the hell out of you.

The discussions on this page often reference the various parts and regions of the compound bow.The modern compound bow buyer tends to be a "spec-buyer", meaning that the bow’s advertised specifications and features are what persuade the buyer most. Compound bow sales used to be driven by the “test drive” model, where buyers would test-shoot all the potential candidates and then choose one based on the try-out.When buyers have a chance to test shoot bows themselves, they tend to make their selections based on perception (e.g., a smooth pull, a comfortable grip, a steady feel, an attractive look, etc.) rather than specifications; we’re not suggesting that’s necessarily a bad thing.The No.1 problem for women going afield is trying to find places to hunt. During one of my first turkey hunts, my guide made me sit on the ground in a briar patch where I couldn’t see anything coming or going -- just a small swath directly in front of my feet. If you truly want us out there with you, then read on to find out how to make our experience more enjoyable.

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Enthusiasts can “go naked” with the Possi-Grip™ and use the bare bow contours to connect with the bow at the most fundamental level, or they can add more meat to build up the handle.

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