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Guests who also book 5-8 nights, will receive a 00 Resort Credit to use toward spa services, golf, tours and more.

(Subject to additional terms and conditions as well as a 16% fee.) The jacuzzi does not apply to Moon Palace Jamaica.

Originally constructed in the early 17th century as Spain's seat of government for what is today the American Southwest, the Palace of the Governors chronicles the history of Santa Fe, as well as New Mexico and the region.

*Any item can be pureed for infants upon request TO START Organic Vegetable Sticks Date jam Baby Leaf Salad Marinated chickpeas, pomegranate vinaigrette Harees Crushed Grains soup ON TO THE MAIN COURSE Khubz Rakhal (Omani Bread) Garlic, zatar, halloumi cheese, dried tomato Kids Burger Grilled minced beef, sesame bread, tomato, fries, cucumber dip Omani Mashakik Beef skewer, rice, tamarind chutney Fish Fingers Local hammour fillet, tartar sauce, lemon wedge Choose a vegetable side: steamed broccoli, carrots, spinach, salad Choose a carb side: fries, rice, pasta Steamed chicken breast Mashed potatoes, broccoli Penne Pasta Tomato sauce or meat sauce (gluten-free available) SWEET ENDINGS Siwaya Bil Haleeb Vermicelli with milk Halwa Al Tamr Bil Simsim Date balls with roasted sesame Ice Cream Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry TO DRINK Fresh Juice Orange, watermelon, pineapple, carrot Iced Tea Lemon-mint, peach Local Flavoured Leban Smoothies Mango, pomegranate, coconut, date Kids menus include gluten-free, organic and vegetarian options, please ask our restaurants team for more information.

The Telegraph reports that Iraqi archaeologist Layla Salih found a marble cuneiform inscription of Assyrian King Esarhaddon inside one of the tunnels. TREASURE HUNTERS STRIKE GOLD WITH ANCIENT JEWELRY FIND One of the earliest forms of writing, cuneiform harnesses wedge-shaped marks and was widely used in ancient Mesopotamian civilizations.

The palace was built for the Assyrian King Sennarcherib, expanded by his son Esarhaddon, and renovated by his grandson King Ashurbanipal, according to the Telegraph, which notes that the palace was partly destroyed during the sack of Nineveh in 612 B. Sennacherib’s invasion of the ancient kingdom of Judah is extensively documented in the Bible.

blow the cup, pyramid building using cups) and water games.

Décor elements and birthday are included, including balloon arrangement, party tables decoration with colorful elements and caps.

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Let us create a memorable birthday party for your child in the gardens of Al Bustan Palace, with delicious treats and fun activities to mark the day.

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