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But I've experienced this type of thing time and time again with men and almost every time I have been correct.When a man accuses you of cheating for no good reason, usually he is the one who is guilty. I've had trust issues with him in the past and have caught him talking inappropriately to other girls before, so I couldn't help myself. I'm sure a lot of girls can relate to this — we know it's wrong to snoop, but a women's intuition usually never lies. He said, "Hey babe, forgot to give you the new number, so this is it.Honestly, we’ve all worried about whether a second text is too risky and whether we’d be seen as being ‘clingy’, so we can totally sympathise.But apparently, for Twitter user Dan O’Hara, this was just way too much.

Have the guts to let her know that you’re not interested otherwise she’ll never know where she stands.

But, instead of waiting for her to reply, Dan wondered whether blocking her would simply be easier.

No, we don’t know what ‘strapped up to MADE’ means either.

I am fully aware of this, in fact, it has a name: projection. When we get a feeling something is up, it usually is.

It means, when someone has guilty feelings about something, they put them — in other words, "project" them — onto someone else in order to take the focus off themselves and put it on another.

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