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it seems to me that if one can capture 50%-60% of a long-term trend, he's doing pretty well attempting to capture more than that a pipe dream? I want to follow my plan because I have done my homework and Ii understand my plan will work. Ed, thank you for your insights and honesty in sharing them with others. I judge those feelings as unbearable and I am unwilling to continue my twin dogs as Ed says.“ Und doch hat sich seit dem letzten Vergleichstest von Videotelefonieprogrammen [1] eine Menge getan.Die Video-Codecs wurden verbessert, die Programme überarbeitet, die PCs schneller.

Watch them Fuck their Girlfriends or some Lucky guy! your comment struck me since it was the pain I felt from a single deviation from my plan that motivated me to write to FAQ.The pain I felt from not accepting my system was much more painful than that from missing a wave (as part of the plan) or a whipsaw. I've been thinking as I type and I have a question. ) want or need to experience pain for some reason, then the only way I can do so is by not following the plan.Best Regards From FAQ Site Hi Ed I saw the feedback from one of your readers about this Livermore quote on our site: "The stock market moves ahead of world events. Capturing Maximum Percentage hi Ed - I wrote to you quite some time ago and am happy to report that I'm doing better than ever ... so based on your experience, what do you think is the realistic maximum percentage of a trend that a good trend following system can expect to capture?The stock market is not operating in the present, reflecting the present; it is operating on what is yet to be, the future." Our language implied it was a quote you would support. my COMMITMENT to trading successfully is paying off ... I'm trying to fine tune my methodology to capture the largest possible percentage of any given trend, but obviously, the more one fine-tunes, the greater the risk of getting stopped out too early ...

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