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/PRNewswire/ -- Our Time, the largest dating community for singles aged 50 and over, today released findings from its new survey, It's Still On: Dating After 50, which explores how this diverse, rapidly-growing singles group views love, dating and sex in today's modern dating landscape.

The survey reveals their sexual appetites and level of satisfaction, dating habits and preferences, common misconceptions about 50 singles, and their current outlook on life compared to when they were younger and single.

At least a quick heads up will let Scott know he can move onto the next.

Online dating is a great platform to meet a plethora of singles versus 10-15 years ago when we were limited to dating within our immediate social circle.The survey includes countries that account for 80% of the EU-28 population and 82% of the EU’s GDP.The British are not the only ones with doubts about the European Union.” Accordingly to the Plenty Of Fish survey, 40% of singles will follow up 1-2 days after a first date if they see the potential in a second.Therefore, if Scott messages saying he had an absolute blast and would like to see you again, the appropriate response would be to let him know, unfortunately, you didn’t feel a spark but wish him all the best!

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Etter at spørreundersøkelsen er fullført, kan du bruke spørreundersøkelseverktøyene våre for å gjøre data fra spørreundersøkelsen om til profesjonelle rapporter og gjennomførbare innsikter.

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