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There is currently no word from Sony on what could be causing the error, with the official PSN status website currently listing no problems with PSN services.

Play Station users have had to put up with problems with core Play Station Network services throughout 2015, including times when the whole network has been unavailable to use.

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Sony has launched Play Station Messages, giving you the ability to connect with your friends on the Play Station Network directly from your Android handset.

Materials: screwdriver, soldering iron, glue gun, BT headset, 4-pin phone jack, a button.

Cost: BT headset - -10 ebay, 4pin phone jack - .5 /10pc, button - /10pc.

Finally bought a good friend a PS3 and some games recently so that I'd have someone to play the multiplayer titles with, and outside of us playing together on the same game, I can't figure out how to invite her to a chat while we're doing different things.

You might want to keep the battery attached for a while now, because it makes testing the audio plug little bit easier.

I've had my PS3 since release, but I never played it as much as my 360 as most of my friends were on Live rather than PSN.

I've used it primarily for blu-rays and those top-notch single-player-centric exclusives.

"Sixaxis" also refers to the motion sensing technology used in both the Sixaxis and Dual Shock 3 controllers.

Both controllers can also be used on the PSP Go via Bluetooth (requires a Play Station 3 system for initial connection).

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Total: 6.5-16.5$Complexity: 7/10Beware that you need to cut some of plastic guts away. If you already got your headset there isn't much choice, but if you going to buy one – make sure it is as small as possible. It has really crappy battery life, awful microphone and much worse speaker.

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