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If you're worried that your activity is out of control it might help to consider if the following statements are familiar.For example do you: Many or none of the above may accurately reflect how you're feeling about what you do.Sexual addiction is the term used to describe any sexual activity that feels 'out of control'.Having a very high sex drive does not make you a sex 'addict'.She ached for one who did not know she existed and he thought that a sad and sorry existence for her prince.

Our therapists can offer support and help to people who recognise their activities are causing problems.

By learning about the signs and symptoms of smartphone and Internet addiction and the ways to break free of the habit, you can better balance your life, online and off.

Smartphone addiction, sometimes colloquially known as “nomophobia” (fear of being without a mobile phone), is often fueled by an Internet overuse problem or Internet addiction disorder.

What is relevant is if someone feels that they are engaging in any sexual activity that they can no longer control and is likely to result in harm to themselves, a partner or partners, or to family and friends.

So, 'being sexually addicted' is not defined by the activity itself but by the possible negative effect on the individual's quality of life and on those around them.

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After all, it’s rarely the phone or tablet itself that creates the compulsion, but rather the games, apps, and online worlds it connects us to.

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