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" Victoria goes on to discuss "finger sex, backdoor sex, and oral sex," in her abstinence talk.

Her daughter sits with eyes wide and turning red, her jaw on the floor.

"The show really feels like a unique look into this world that I think a lot of other people haven't seen before," executive producer Adam Reed tells .

"A lot of reality shows nowadays feel overproduced or soft-scripted; in this, you see a lot of true reality playing out." Reed says the concept was developed by some producers he works with at production company Thinkfactory Media, and he instantly warmed to the idea.

Separate interviews with the parents, both of whom are preachers, and their daughter reveal they want to dispel misconceptions that preachers’ homes are different from others’.

The mom, Victoria Koloff, says, “We struggle every day with the same thing other people do, but we are Christian.

, that followed the lives of three different daughters who had one or both parents as pastors.

After a conversation between mother and daughter Victoria decides she will let Kolby date. But Victoria has one condition: Kolby must sit through one of her "sex talks" at church.

At the center of the show are Kolby Koloff, 16, daughter of former WWE wrestler-turned evangelist Nikita Koloff (aka "The Russian Nightmare") and born-again Christian preacher mom, Victoria; Taylor Coleman, 18, daughter of Pentecostal Church pastor Ken Coleman; and Olivia Perry, 18, a teen mom and daughter of pastor Mark Perry.

The show aims to take a hard-hitting but humorous look at the lives of three preachers' daughters as they balance their parents' strict expectations and their faith with peer pressure and temptations.

Fully aware of the many shortfalls of reality TV in regards to sensationalism, sexism, race, etc., I still found myself watching the show long after my sister had left the room.

Instead of a series showing different facets of the trials and tribulations teenagers face as the child of a pastor, I found myself watching nearly 10 hours of purity culture in action.

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