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Detailed country by country information on Internet censorship and surveillance is provided in the Freedom on the Net reports from Freedom House, by the Open Net Initiative, by Reporters Without Borders, and in the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices from the U. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

The ratings produced by several of these organizations are summarized below as well as in the Censorship by country article.

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But the resort's traditional mainstay - families and couples - simply aren't booking. No Mediterranean resort has gone out of its way to become the most popular place in Europe to get high on contaminated Ecstasy. By August, after a dozen drug arrests and a stabbing or two, the paper had changed its editorial tone. "If that is the price to pay for placing Ayia Napa at the top of the Med clubbers' board, then let's dig it all up and start again," said the Cyprus Mail. Last year the number of drug arrests doubled, complaints about noise rose by 30 per cent and traffic offences (mostly scooter-related) rocketed.

A result, says Mathilde Robert, managing director of Argo Holidays, of what she calls "the Ayia Napa syndrome". Besides the casual, inevitable violence that accompanies large groups of young people and heavy drinking, there were other incidents: a spate of "indecency" arrests for streaking in the street, skinny-dipping in hotel pools, sex in public places.

I’ve been faithful to my husband for 17 years, but I had the urge to feel this rush of adrenaline again, to seduce again…

But I needed to be very discreet, because my family life makes me happy and I didn’t want to change anything to it.

Includes 20 clinical hours of counseling, 9 educational workshops, clinical assessment upon arrival and prior to discharge, self-directed workshops and materials, and a credit to the Wellspring book/video store.At the time the Internet in most of these countries was a relatively open and unconstrained space for free expression, but the countries also typically featured a repressive environment for traditional media and had recently considered or introduced legislation that would negatively affect Internet freedom.Due to legal concerns the Open Net Initiative does not check for filtering of child pornography and because their classifications focus on technical filtering, they do not include other types of censorship.Too many, the Balearic government has now decided; it has retaliated with a "tourist tax" and an attempt to rebrand the island as "Eivissa" - its Catalan name - and banish all mention of nightlife. "One thing is certain," it continued, "turning Ayia Napa into the Mediterranean's trendiest summer hotspot was not part of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation's strategic plans.Having made a fortune packaging a fortnight's hedonism and selling it to young people from across northern Europe, many on the island are beginning to have second thoughts. A fifth of all tourists who land in Cyprus will end up in Ayia Napa this summer - 300,000 or so and counting. It is something that just happened."That was true enough. Politis, another Cypriot newspaper, carried two front-page reports showing "oral sex competitions" in Ayia Napa's bars.

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