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So the Thai girls you see and interact with will really depend on where you are!If you are in one of the many red light districts in Bangkok you will most likely be interacting with Isaan girls and Hill tribe girls, also lots of girls from central Thailand.Pattaya is really a paradise for foreigners who want to have fun with Thai hookers.I know there are different opinions on this one, but I also feel that the atmosphere down in Pattaya is much more relaxed and easy going than it is here in Bangkok.Massage parlor at the very south end of Sukhumvit, Bangkok close to Thonglor.

First of all it’s important to be more precise: Better in terms of what? Better in terms of attractiveness and service of hookers? Better in terms of finding a girlfriend or even finding a gik?Being someone who lives in Bangkok and regularly goes down to Pattaya for extended weekend trips, I do have my opinion on all the different aspects mentioned above so let’s go through them one by one: There’s no doubt that Bangkok has a higher number of hookers in general, but the majority of them are catering towards Thai men and most of the establishments (brothels even karaokes in the local areas) are unknown and unfrequented by Farangs.And the main red light districts of Nana, Soi Cowboy and Patpong plus the beer bar areas like Soi 22 and Soi 4 aren’t nearly half of what Pattaya has to offer.Most girls in Bangkok will not have a problem dating a western guy and are even much more open to 1 night stands than most girls in other cities!The girls in Bangkok often listen to western music and eat a lot more western food.

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They are financially much better off than girls from other cities and are less likely to ask you for money or date you for money(although it is still common).

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