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Johnny's & Associates (or Johnny's) announced the group's debut on September 15, 1999 through a press conference aboard a cruise ship off the coast of Honolulu, Hawai'i.

Arashi, the Japanese word for storm, was chosen by Johnny's to represent the group's thrust of "creating a storm in the entertainment world." Arashi is currently the only debuted group in Johnny's that is written entirely in Kanji.

He didn’t expect to be paired with someone who obviously didn’t want to be bothered – a loner, by the looks of it – but he also didn’t expect him to be someone Nino liked instantly at first glance.

Based on the prompt, Ohno and Sho are vampires and they live for years without the people they love for long time but one day Ohno sees a guy, Nino, and his mind told him to go/approach him despite not knowing why. He wants Ohno back; he wants everything they have, before he fucked up, all of them back that it is clearly taking away his ability to think straight.

It would have been seriously difficult, and it would have been admittedly awkward afterwards, to be around Ohno now if he’d gone and did something mundanely stupid then just to make sure Ohno wouldn’t forget about him when he left for Tokyo.

It was the only thing he was waiting for so when Nino received the mate call, he packed up his life – or at least what was left of it and went, hoping for something else, maybe something better.

We all know how critical it is to keep independent voices alive and strong on the Internet. We are a wholly independent, women-owned, small company. Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo collaborate with Michael Crain and Justin Pearson of Retox in bringing...Aiba Masaki, Sho’s step-brother, thought it’s a challenge Sho will never achieve— and a bet ensues. Nino has enough of his boyfriend's flirty attitude. It’s something he didn’t choose, yet was obliged to do as the older son.Sho expects he will conquer the son of the entertainment industry mogul. He starts an argument right in the cafeteria of the agency, scares his juniors by doing that, doesn't care fore second hand embarrassment and tells Sho off for being a shitty boyfriend. The only escape from the harsh reality is a host; Nino.Answering this mate-call was Jun’s sort-of last chance to prove to himself – and to his father, his family – that he didn’t need their help.He was going to find his mate on his own, build his own family outside that pack.

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