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I’ve been a fan of this Show for nine years and this is one of the best things EVER. Hilly: Ohmygod, thank you, that’s a lot coming from you!

Lynn: Pretty sure I’ve watched it about a million times.

Creator, editor, and star of the You Tube series The Hillywood Show along with her sister Hannah.

But get it right, and we’ll shower you with gratitude.

With Jacob Jost (Edward Cullen), Drew Lorentz (Jasper Hale), Shuan Flynn (Emmett Cullen), Brittany Turner (Rosalie Hale) and Joseph Lewellyn (Jacob Black), they tour the country in costumes and makeup so precise that it’s hard to believe it’s all done by a couple people.

It all started three years ago when Hilly entered AOL’s “Be a Red Star” contest and came in third out of nearly 100,000 video entries.

“People that voted for us became fans and they said, ‘Keep going; this is a really funny idea,’ and we’re still doing it today,” Hilly said.

The girls decided to continue on with “The Hillywood Show,” and 15 webisodes and several film parodies later, the show is an online hit.

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She was featured in a private interview on CNN when she was just 13 years old.

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