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Michael Williams, 65, London, author of ‘On The Slow Train’As a boy in the UK in the 1950s and 60s, the most exciting thing you could do was stand at the end of the platform at Kings Cross station.

It still looks the same today but you won’t find many trainspotters. Every trainspotter had to have Ian Allan’s book with all the train numbers in his pocket – and a vacuum flask and Marmite sandwiches made by your mum.

The River Dee - its Upper Reaches (pale blue) from the source (red dot) pass eroding and tempestuous through Wales; the Middle Reaches (dark blue) slow and meander about along the borders, and the Lower Reaches (purple) are estuaraine waters that dip to the sea dumping sediment from upstream.

From the source of the river at springs on the slopes of Dduallt above Llanuwchllyn in the mountains of Snowdonia, through Wales, to its emergence from the Vale of Llangollen; here the young river flows swiftly and the majority of erosion takes place, cutting relatively narrow, steep-sided, "V"-shaped valleys, often with interlocking spurs.

its mines, whose music is as melodious as the minstrelsy of its words, and whose pulpit eloquence is as refreshing as its streams, and, like its mountains, though often rugged, is often grand. John Wesley raised up by Providence Great Principle His Fidelity to it Shutout of the Church Bishop of Gloucester Bristol Chapel The Growth of the Work, . The statement of Clemens Eomanus who is thought to be the Clemens referred to in Philippians iv. Paul, having taught righteousness to the whole world, went to the extreme limit of the West, can scarcely be regarded as placing the matter beyond doubt.

Nearer acquaintance with the country and people is dissipating these wrong impressions, and as the result it is discovered that, on the west coast of the island, there is a country whose religious life is as interesting as its scenery, whose literature keeps pace with the march of the times, whose poetry is as rich as vii PREFACE. It is not difficult to see how the tradition arose respecting St. In the Epistle to the Eomans, xv., reference is made to an intended visit to Spain, and it is thought that the apostle carried out this intention some time during the interval between his first imprisonment at Eome and the close of his life ; and assuming that this journey westward was undertaken, it is not impossible that in connection therewith St. But there INTRODUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY INTO BRITAIN. It is very doubtful whether he ever carried out his purpose to visit Spain.

They claimed descent from Ednyfed Fychan through his son Tudur .

Both erosion and deposition of material takes place, leading to the formation of meanders and occasional changes of course which have in cases left pockets of England "stranded" on the Welsh side of the River Dee.

Hillforts, cairns and stone circles dot the landscape.

Later fortifications come from the Romans (see Roman Chester and Dark Ages) and the Normans (see Earls of Chester).

Almost every old church has its holy well dedicated to its founding saint.

Modern archeaological studies have vastly multiplied the numbers of sites of interest, but many down in the valley of the Dee many sites have been "ploughed flat", with a much better survival rate at higher elevations.

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Later on that same day, along came the grand, mighty, burnished green express locomotive The Flying Scotsman.

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