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The past year’s rash of data breaches proved just how vulnerable old-school magnetic stripe cards can be.

Could the more-secure EMV chip technology that’s become the standard internationally be the answer? That’s changing, however, in light of the October 2015 EMV liability shift, which went into effect Oct. Now, whichever party (merchant or issuer) hasn’t upgraded will be held responsible from card-present fraud costs. Yet, while an increasing number of cards are sporting chips, others are lagging behind.

So, even if thieves manage to get data from a merchant (as they did in the Target breach), it’s like stealing an expired password — useless.

EMV chips are also tougher to clone than magnetic stripes are.

First method of sql injection and shopadmin hacking don't provide with pins, it only give cc numb cvv2 and other info which usually need for shopping not for cashing.

I hope u seen whenever u try to buy some thing on internet with cc, they show u a well programmed form, very secure. Specific sites are not hacked, but carts are hacked.

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So, if your card information is stored in an online shopping account or other website and that information gets compromised via a bug like Heartbleed, or a colossal hack (like the 2013 Russian cybergang hack that compromised 1.2 billion online login credentials), the little chip on your card won’t protect you.

The only thing you can do is have hard-to-guess passwords and change them often.

While EMV technology won’t make data theft disappear (several successful breaches overseas are a testament to that), it does up the ante for thieves, making their job harder — when it comes to card-present fraud, that is.

EMV technology doesn’t do anything about online fraud, unfortunately.

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