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But at the same time, he was an example of what a dictator can be — it can lead to many terrible things…. Fidel was one of the main characters of self-determination that a country should have.She’s been given too much, enough for two, yet you get the sense she’d break bread anyway.But the actress also has something else on her mind: The third season of “Mozart in the Jungle” — the award-gobbling dramedy about a sometimes struggling New York symphony — drops on Amazon on Dec. Once again, Kirke plays Hailey, the aspiring oboist and occasional assistant to flighty conductor Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal)., maestro Rodrigo is able to charm a room full of orchestra donors with his impromptu speeches.Gael Garcia Bernal, who stars as the likable conductor, can do just about the same thing.

Instead, he opted for his off-the-cuff, flowery language, à la Rodrigo."I think we're all people that think music should be part of our initial encounter with this world.

But of course, Kirke — 26, also of “Mistress America” and the Tom Cruise thriller “American Made,” due next year — doesn’t mind talking Trump first. RELATED: Interview: Three generations of women from "Mozart in the Jungle" speak I think we’re at this point where we can still make a difference. Like many privileged white people, I was living under the assumption that Hillary would win and the world would be restored to normalcy. The things you are fearing now are the things we have always been fearing.” I was doing some minimal work on the Hillary campaign towards the end.

A lot of people, mostly people of color, I’ve spoken to have said, “Hello! Since then, it’s been really important to focus on what I can actually do, instead of getting overwhelmed by the big whole. It’s just calling your representatives over and over again, or taking Paul Ryan’s health care survey, which everyone should do, by calling his office. That might also involve finding a way to talk to Trump voters, in a civil way.

"Sometimes things work or do not work," she told the mag.

"(Gael) is fine, the kids are well, Dolores is perfectly fine." Bernal attended Telluride to promote Jon Stewart's directorial debut, "Rosewater," which he stars in as the London-based journalist, Maziar Bahari, who was accused of being a spy and served a harsh sentence of 100 days in a prison in Iran.

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