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Last night over 100 local entrepreneurs attended an event called Founder Dating, hosted by the good people at Mass Challenge — the largest global startup competition in the world. The startup world is one of ups and downs, and every day will bring the team some type of roller-coaster ride.

After the networking kicked off, Nigam’s opening words really resonated.

The Greater Providence-Fall River-New Bedford area is home to the largest Portuguese-American community in the United States.

How do you make sure a potential partner shares your vision? According to Nigam, the Mass Challenge team truly believes that every founder can benefit from a co-founder.

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At present the production capacity of the LHB Coaches is 2800 LHB Coaches per year at the different Railway Coach manufacturing facilities i.e. Their population is believed to have been about 12,000. Before the 17th century, the Wampanoag, who had settlements throughout southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, were the only inhabitants of the lands along the Acushnet River.Here’s his advice on how to find a good co-founder: The five nine-minute sessions in the Founder Dating event each had one-minute breaks in between, and when conversation relaxed, it seemed many in the room felt they were taking a step in the right direction in terms of co-founder finding.There was a definite and noticeable lack of developers and coders, however, as we’ve noticed at many other events of late.

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