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Inside the towering iron gates of Green Acres, a Beverly Hills estate built in the nineteen-twenties by the silent-film actor Harold Lloyd, a narrow road climbs through eight acres of lawns and gardens to a mansion modelled on the Villa Palmieri, the Florentine palazzo where Boccaccio set the “Decameron.” One afternoon in mid-June, the courtyard held a dozen gleaming sports cars—Lamborghinis, Teslas, Ferraris, Mc Larens—arranged in a circular design, like giant steel petals.

In the nineties, when the estate’s owner, Ron Burkle, was making a fortune in the supermarket business, he raised money from venders to pay for Indy race cars emblazoned with “Food4Less” or “Ralphs.” The cars were an excellent deal for Burkle: they helped his image, and they cost him almost nothing.

She was recently seen at her half- brothers wedding with her boyfriend Neville Wakefield.

And they’re no trouble to have.”Seated in his living room—a cavernous space, dominated by a large stone fireplace—Burkle said that he first came to Green Acres in 1991, to attend a fund-raiser hosted by its owner, Ted Field, the head of Interscope Records.

At Forty-five with a child, it’s a tremulous task to maintain one’s body for a woman.

But Minnie Driver is still showing off her beautiful body even after age has caught up with her.

It could have had a two-hundred-square-foot house—it wouldn’t have mattered. It was, like, if you don’t want to think you’re in L. A.”Burkle turned Green Acres into the city’s premier political showcase.

Shortly after buying the estate, he hosted a fund-raiser for Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose campaign he served as a finance chair.

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