How the web became a sexists paradise

Lost Paradise spends a lot of pages dealing with the details, but I encourage readers to stick it out to the end.The recent arrest of two men in Tamil Nadu for harassing and threatening south Indian playback singer Chinmayi Sripada on Twitter and social media showed the country how even the virtual world is unsafe for women in India.I haven’t bothered screen-capping those texts as they are pure logistics.As it happened, at this point I actually got my sets confused and “I can’t remember what this girl looks like” I say to Roy and GG as we are standing outside The Four Seasons hotel at Red Square.What does it mean when a girl replies with a ton of smileys and a blatantly sexual photo inviting you to check out her ass?I’ll tell you what it means: you invite her out as soon as you can. She ended up not coming but we rescheduled for early the next evening.Not to neglect the thousands of hours of nasty high quality videos of young babes getting speared by meaty cocks in all of their holes are just a few clicks away! Join right now and get in on the party, these girls aren’t going to be 18 forever! You are really lucky if you get to this site and see all these stunning hot babes gals.

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The issue spilled over to Facebook and elsewhere on the web, where (mostly) men passed judgments on her.

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