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On the "most watched" live chats, there was some nudity, but mostly among male users, who appeared naked while they watched and chatted with the girls.A sample of some of the text comments from male viewers watching girls included, "I want to see your a--…It's not the provocative pictures I care about, but the abuse of duck-face. If the parent is monitoring the child's page, which they should be on a regular basis, they should make the child remove any image or statement that they find inappropriate.Duck-face must end, and teens and tweens are the primary source of the continuing scourge of duck-face. Until you're an adult, you do not have a right to internet privacy or to put up whatever you want on the internet.Ok so I don't know if this has been covered before so if it has sorry, What are you opinions on the tweens and teenagers taking provocitive pictures and posting them on their social websites? my kids will not have a webcam on their computer and if they want to use one, I will need to be present in order for them to use it.

Did you know that more than half of children use social media by the age of 10?

They can be a great asset for students when it comes to research and homework, but they can also act as a major distraction and deterrent to learning.

How can educators take back control and ensure best use practices?

If the child continues to abuse the priviledge then just restrict them from using it or shut it down. I won't be putting up with my kid putting anything like that on the internet.

They're putting themselves at risk AND creating an image that they may not be able to be able to change.

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