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Crew, jcrew.com; English silk tie in microdot (.99) by J.

Crew, jcrew.com; 2105 Pure Gold jean (5) by Strike Gold, selfedge.com; and Brogue ranger wingtip boot (0) by Red Wing Shoes, I used to force myself into shirts that are tighter than they should be or jeans that are tighter than they should be.

Just when you were feeling good about how your comedy career was progressing, here's a reminder that you probably didn't record your second stand-up comedy CD before you turned 20.

, which you were in, and you made with me, and we made them together, and you edited them, and you had a lot to do with it. But I also do pretty much everything there is to do in porn, so it kind of depends on who you ask. Because I think that a lot of people have the impression that having anal sex somehow hurts you, which it totally doesn't if you're doing it right, or if you like it. Dana: Yeah, I got them to change the script because they saw me upset, and they'd never seen me upset. It's not rocket science at all, and they're not pretending that it is.Like, people think that being slapped in the face is something that you wouldn't want to have happen to you. I don't think people should watch that because I feel that it creates some kind of an idea that that's a reasonable way to get a woman to sleep with you, or something. Basically, women are prostitutes, or drug addicts, or fucking idiots according to whoever is writing these scripts. Like, “I'm not gonna take it any more.” But in real life, I was like, “No! I'm not gonna fucking take this anymore.” There's acting and then there's really just screwing with people. They're as entitled to their opinion as they want to be, but if everyone is consensually agreeing to act out these things, it shouldn't be a problem.I have a very different relationship to pain and how it excites me, and intrigues me. So I was working for this company and they had asked me to do some dialog that involved me being a waitress and being sexually harassed by the manager, and him reminding me that I was not skilled enough to get a job elsewhere, especially in the present economy. And I just did not feel good enforcing that sort of idea. If this had been some other person in the industry who had been sexually molested, or raped, or something, that could have triggered something very serious in their mind. I was just like, “Who's idea is it to do this to people? Because everybody's level of comfortability is different.Upon hearing that, I was like, “Fine.” You know, that's like semi-realistic. ” Because there are people who are very sensitive to those kind of scenarios, because they've had some previous unfortunate thing happen to them. Not really.”Honestly, it's something people say as a joke. If one person on the crew is like, “This script is a little rapey,” they're not going to be like, “Fine!But they had different set-ups where the harassment had escalated, and it got to the point where the male authority figure had me in a position where I was pinned to the bar, and he was disrobing me against my will and trying to penetrate me anally with his finger. I don't think anybody can jack off to it.” It just made me increasingly more uncomfortable. I'm very fortunate that I've never been in a position where I've been sexually assaulted or anything like that. We're not gonna do this.” They're gonna be like, “Well, the girl wants to do it, and the guy is fine with it, so whatever.” Because you're just doing your job.

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