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I was prescribed a cream by the UC, & it got better. Hoover's office because I want to go to a different Dr., but was told I had to come in for a consult & pay! I've been her patient for many years because she is a great doctor, but unfortunately her staff has changed and service is at its worst.Once I finally got into the medical room I spent less than five minutes with her.

Keila Hoover, MD is a family medicine doctor who practices in Miami, FL.

She completed her Medical Degree at the American University of Saint Maarten and went on to complete her 3 year Residency in Family Medicine at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Hoover and her staff are here to make your visit a pleasant one as well as build a long standing relationship that will last with your family for years to come. They held onto the prescription and told me they were going to correct it and when I went back to pick it up they told me that they never held any prescription for me so they basically just lost a prescription for a controlled substance. The other ladies just don't seem to be on top of things and never have a smile on their face- even if you provide one! My first time there, which was about a week a half ago, I almost filled out forms I did online(which I LOVED that btw)! Love the fact that she speaks with care, candor, professionalism and knowledge! Keila Hoover is that she doesn't remember her patients.

Made necessary appointments with specialists on my behalf and sent prescriptions over to my pharmacy before I walked out the door. Despite having a busy practice, I’m almost always able to schedule an appt. Using the application in my smart phone Zoc Doc , I received the Confirmation in 2 minutes I’ve consulted many MDs in my life, and it’s rare I’ve found one as knowledgalble, accommodating, and concerned as Dr. That was my entire physical exam even though I mentioned to her that I had not seen a doctor or had a general checkup in three years and I was a new patient.

If it wasn't because I asked, I'd be filling out forms for no particular reason since they obviously don't check first. I'm an administrative professional and I've never been that way in 15 years! I understand having a ton of patients but she needs to at least do her homework prior to seeing her patients. I'm a new patient and for my follow-up appointment she hardly looked at me, didn't know who I was, and didn't know why I was there! I manage schedules for over 200 employees- I know ALL the names, some faces, but always do my homework prior to talking to them in case I don't know why they go see me!

It's all about making me as a patient feel like I'm a person and not just a patient. Other than that (which are big things for me), I like the facility- very clean and organized and will visit again but only as needed.

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